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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

Okay, the sister is back on blog duty today.  Jamie and Tommy got all the humor genes in the family, but I got the short and sweet gene.  So here we go. 

All in all, today was a good day with lots of new activities for Jamie.  The day started by working out some of the kinks that came about with moving facilities.  First off, the pain medication management needed a complete rework this morning as they had Jamie on 1/3 of the proper dosages.  Doctors did solve this problem, but the error caused Jamie considerable pain.  Additionally, Jamie switched rooms which really worked out as a benefit, as his bed is on the window side of his new room so he has more privacy and a nice view now.  As a So Cal resident, I am sure the additional sunshine will help with keeping spirits up. 

In the new facility, he receives both physical therapy as well as occupational therapy and a lot of it is geared to perform activities that allow you to return home.  He enjoyed both therapies today and is learning to get himself in a wheelchair.  His occupational therapist frowned when he rolled into see her at the wheelchair they had issued him and got him an upgrade with a cushy seat.  Additionally, Jamie got dressed today for the first time since his leathers were removed. Not nearly as stylish as the fancy leathers, but exciting nonetheless.

As you can imagine, most residents are about 20 or so years older, but he had lunch with some new friends, Tony and Pat, today that are closer in age to him.  At the facility, they actually go to a dining hall and dine together. 

Two of the best physical things that happened today were the removal of the catheter and apparently, Jamie told Gail that he took one of the biggest dumps ever. 

He also had a few visitors today.  Tighe, close friend, stopped by as well as Ken Carvalho, Ken and Deanna, and Jeff all the way from Stockton!  (My apologies to anyone whose name I may have misspelled or have incorrect, Jamie is a stickler for details, but he is not available to verify them.)  Maisie and Walker stopped by with Gail and Martha.  All in all, he was wiped out by the end of the day.  Lots of new activities that are getting him closer to home in Alameda which is all the motivation that Jamie needs!  Until tomorrow....   


  1. Jamie,

    You are doing so well..! Great to see you're closer to home and gaining all the skills again you will need to be back on the island before long.. I've been busy the last several days with work but have read through the blog... Your whole EO group is pulling for you and we are all anxious to see and talk to you... We are all planning to have lunch together and then come see you as a group on the 19th around 2PM... I'll text you directly or talk with Gail to make sure that's not conflicting with your other therapies. WE'LL show up to help you with your mental therapy.! Stay focused... positive... and relax while your physology does the hard work..

    See ya soon,


  2. Right on Jamie... Looking good. Jess and I were hoping to see you before we went to SoCal, but we leave tomorrow to show off Ellie to the Gunderson Clan... We will pan on stopping by Next Wednesday.... Hang in there buddy!