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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Beginning of the End

It is time to taper down the blog.  Right now there is a lot of repetition in Jamie's recovery and we can only tell so many fart and poop jokes. He is out of the "life threatening" stage of the incident. His vitals are normal, his body is making its own blood and he is, by all measures, very healthy, other than the fractures which just take time to heal.  Aside from not being able to walk for a couple months, he is totally fine now.

Thank you all for supporting us through this experience.  We hope that this blog proved to be both informative and humorous. We know there are a lot of others that have suffered far more severely than Jamie did, yet quietly went about their healing process without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. Those of you who know Jamie know that quietly going about anything is not his style, for better or worse. More importantly, however, the blog started as a practical way to protect Gail from being overwhelmed with phone calls and it took on a life if its own....mostly due to Tommy's unrivaled ability to tell stories. We have been so deeply touched by the support and kindness that Jamie and his family have received from all of you that we felt that you deserved an open line of communication about his status. One of the key items that came out of this is that Jamie considers himself the luckiest man on earth to have such wonderful friends. This experience has taught him that in the end, family and friendship is the pinnacle of life.

Jamie will post one more entry to this blog to give his personal perspective on this experience.  It may take a few days as it takes him time to type and he only ponders and documents this when he is in his most clear moments....low on pain meds. 

Drum roll, please.....

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