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Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

A.M.  Today has been a day of testing.  They have set the ulna and determined that the pelvis is stable.   They are trying to locate the internal bleeding and make sure that one of the broken bones didn't puncture anything serious internally.  He is a little more grouchy today as the soreness of the event is now setting in.  He continues to talk about how lucky he his, how much he loves his family and the normal things that you think about when you have such a unexpected and serious close call. 

P.M.  We learned something new about trauma patients, the first things they address are the life saving events.  This is why we keep learning new things about Jamie's injuries.  Today, we learned that Jamie's back injury and his pelvic injury may require some surgical procedure.  We originally thought that the first procedure would be sufficient.  Jamie spent most of the day in a 2 hour MRI session to give the nuerologist (L5) and the orthopaedist (pelvis) the correct information that they need to determine the next step.  We would love to give you more and should be able to, but have not heard from the doctors.

Right now, his kidneys look good, and they tested his bladder puncture wounds....Yah!!  We are hoping to find out about the kidneys tomorrow.  The thought is that the internal bleeding is coming from the bones oozing, I know gross, but the only way to describe it.  He has received several pints of blood to alleviate the bleeding. We are praying that this will resolve itself as the bones begin to heal.

We truly appreciate all the calls and emails, but we won't be able to answer all of then, plus we want to leave plenty of communication for Jamie when he is flat on his ass and comsumed with boredom, so we will continue to keep posted with all information.  Jamie is unable to have visitors at this time, but we will let you know when visitation can start and at what level. 

Once again, out deep thanks go out to the everyone associated with Jamie's racing life, all of his business friends, and all of the rest of us.  Thanks so much for all the well wishing, we feel so lucky that this is just a recovery process and not something else!  Thank so much for everything!!

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