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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramble On...

Well I was trying to reference one of Jamie's favorite songs but upon further research realized I was mixing up Ramble On by Led Zeppelin with Mountain Jam by the Allman Brothers.  However, both are fitting...Jamie rambled on to another facility today!  He is now in the Alta Bates Accute Rehab Facility in Berkeley.  If any of you know the length of Mountain Jam it is a really long song and we are still looking at a long recovery but have made big steps in the last few days.  I am attempting to write this entire blog while I listen to Mountain Jam.  This would be a good place to insert the song, but no such luck folks - you will have to seek it on your own!
Let me start with the beginning of the day, and please know, I don't have the attention to detail that Jamie does so I may leave a few things the way it is me, Gail.
Jamie had a busy morning of finding out that he was going to be moved and then us asking a lot of questions to make sure this was the best next step for him.  We even had All World Tim and Dr. Bennett (aka 'The Deez') in the room with us at the same time.  This was after Tim and myself chased Dr. Bennett down the hall and Jamie was yelling his questions from the room to persuade him to come in.  Needless to say both Tim and Dr. Bennett assured us this was the best move for Jamie.   The main difference being that he will be focused on physical therapy.  He will also be learning how to do all the things he needs to be able to do at home.
The physical therapy plan for the day was to get Jamie on a commode (aka mobile toilet) and that was not going to be put off.  While the transporters were waiting outside his room to take him to Alta Bates he was sitting on his commode trying to relax and let one go as you can see below.
This is very exciting because it is one more step towards life as usual for Jamie.  The transporters whisked him off and he was on his way.  While Jamie was en route I swung by the Verizon store to get him a prepaid Internet card.  Jarrod was helping me and had some ideas that I thought he should run by I called him and put Jarrod on the phone.  A few seconds into the conversation Jarrod looked at me in shock and says to Jamie "You mean you're in an ambulance right now?" - translation "What kind of wife goes shopping while her husband is in an ambulance...!!??"  I explained as best I could but I'm not sure he liked me as much as he did when I walked in.
Jamie arrived at Alta Bates and well...the accommodations are fine, but it does make the ortho ward look really good!  Tomorrow will be the real test once he gets going with the physical therapy.  He has a wonderful nurse, Carole, that was very welcoming and attentive.  He is pretty excited because they handed him a schedule of what he will be doing during the day.  The busier the better, as we all know, Jamie doesn't 'do' sitting around very well!
All in all today was a busy, exciting and bittersweet day.  Our eldest daughter, Elizabeth, came with me today so she got to see a lot of changes and was so amazingly patient.  I think she just needed a Dad fix and now that he is closer to home she will be getting a lot more! 
The song ended long ago and I need to get to sleep, until tomorrow!

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