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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Today was, all in all, a much better day for Jamie and Gail.  The testing is exhaustive and it takes forever to get results and because there are so many doctors involved, it complicates getting complete information that has taken both specialties into consideration. 

The morning began with Jamie receiving more blood and more pain meds.  Both of these totally improved his outlook.  He is still losing blood and will not be moved from ICU until that is under control.  Initially, we thought he would be out of ICU tomorrow, but that was naive.....we know that now.  The doctors got a chance to review the results of yesterday's MRI and they have determined not to do any additional surgery at this time.  All organs look good, and he farted today!  For those of you who know and love Jamie, this normally would be an awful thing, but today Gail was excited to experience that fart because it means that his systems are beginning to function again. (I wish I could upload a picture of him farting, but no such luck)

He did get fitted for a brace that will stabilize his pelvis and back, but before we have the brace constructed we need to determine that both the neurologist and the orthopaedist are in alignment that this is the correct way to stabilize both L5 and pelvis.  The picture below is Jamie being molded for his brace.

As you can see, he remains to rely on his wicked sense of humor.  The process of getting the mold done did make Jamie tired so he spent the afternoon sleeping.  Sometime during the day he was cleared to have juice so he enjoyed his first meal, a Grape Popsicle, upon arising from his nap. 

Once again, thanks to everyone for caring!


  1. It's good to see you smiling and it appears that in time you will be "Fit as a butcher's dog" (UK saying). Again, if there is anything we can do for you and Gail please let us know.

  2. The farting popsicle eater. Yeah for Jamie!

  3. Jamie,

    Since Gail contacted me, I've been following your progress for the past few days,all your EO buddies are pulling for you...., and if possible we have decided to come visit you on the 19th for our August meeting - where ever you may be by then. But I'm sure we will just have to wait and see on that one based on your progress.

    Good to see you smiling, you remember I'm close by your home if you and gail need anything.

    BEST to you my friend,


  4. Jamie,Gail and family- we are all thinking about you. Love seeing the smiley face on Jamie- the crew in Twain Harte (the Wasson's, the Colgan/Gholamipours, and the Palmer's) are all hoping for a swift recovery.

    Todd, Laura, Max, Ellie, and Sam