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Thursday, August 5, 2010

El Diablo and the Magicman!!

Hi Folks, My name is Tom and I am Jamie’s Brother.  I have been entrusted with the role of Guest Blogger for 4 Aug 10.
The good news is that things at the hospital have slowed to a manageable pace and that has allowed Gail a chance to breakaway to be with her children.  I will take over for her and spend the next couple of days keeping Jamie company.

I entitled this literary piece "El Diablo and the Magicman!!" in recognition of one of the finest pieces of cinematography ever caught on celluloid...Talladega Nights.  Beyond the race motif, I am not sure I can make a correlation between Jamie’s experience in the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and the movie.  That said, I couldn’t stop thinking about the scene when Ricky Bobby is convinced he will never walk again until his very good friends Lucius Washington and Cal Naughton, Jr intervene...

It has been a while since the last time I did this hospital it is a bit intimidating to say the least.  But, it certainly made the situation a little more uneasy when Gail’s parting shot was..."Oh, and Tommy, Jamie is due for a bath and you might have to wash his genitalia." Needless to say, I immediately started lobbying his Nurse for emancipation.  In my most desperate act, I offered my services to washing bedpans or fetching coffee... anything but washing my brothers “junk."  And if that wasn’t enough, as a result of one of Jamie’s injuries that spans his lower abdomen settling blood has found a new home in his "twig and berries" making them resemble something that belongs on Barney the big Purple Dinosaur! Jamie told me that under the circumstances…perhaps I should be El Diablo and he should be the Magicman.  I told him that perhaps under the circumstances he should be El Diablo and the Magicman!! I had zero confidence in my abilities to witness without a subsequent PROJECTILE VOMIT. We will see how this plays out!
So today was a good day for Jamie.  I guess going back to last night Jamie experienced his first bit of quality sleep.  Quality being a relative term.  Until mid day today, Jamie’s meds were introduced through an IV but on his command.  He had a pushbutton and when we felt pain he could release meds by activating the button.  But, when he would sleep he would not push the button so he would only sleep as long as the pain would allow.  Last night, he was able to sleep for 2-3 hours at a time.  He told me that the sleep was deep and full of drug induced "wild dreams"!! In fact, in his stoned state he was convinced that he had all the solutions to the world’s problems...and is all it required was “salad mom likes to use salad plates".  At least, that is what Reka, his nighttime Nurse, claimed he was saying!  "Yeah, Jamie, you were saying some crazy stuff!"

Around mid-day, he was given the OK for oral meds.  This is actually good because they tend to pack a little bit better punch with some longer lasting bennies on fighting pain.  He is currently on Oxycontin.  I told him he is only a Radio Talk Show away from being completely offensive! I will call him Little Rush! Additionally, Jamie ate his first solid food tonight.  It was a true hospital culinary delight of Pot Roast, Carrots, and Potatoes!

And lastly, he had a quick trip to down stairs for a cat scan.  The results were that Jamie is still looking good as far as his recovery is concerned.

Jamie has several doctors that check in on him routinely.  But, one guy in particular is Dr. Bennett who has been deemed "The Diesel" because of his none stop engine.  The Diesel is also notoriously elusive.  When he is on his rounds one might find that if they blinked their eyes at the wrong time they might miss him altogether.  I found myself very excited to meet The Diesel!  He is like an enemy sniper or something.  Always one step ahead.  Known only by his might find a few signs of his existence; an empty C-Rat can, a few gun casings, but the man himself is that of a ghost.  Anyway, The Deez blessed us with his presence today.  Gave Jamie some quality time for Q&A...which was nice.  Jamie was on his A-game thankfully and asked all of his nagging questions.  That said, I just sat there a little awe struck with my shit eating grin!  At one moment I wanted to bust in and ask "The Deez" for his autograph.  In all seriousness, though, Jamie and "The Deez" came to the agreement that they would not pursue a surgical repair for at least 6 weeks in the hopes that the pelvis mends naturally. This has some drawbacks as it will be the more painful of the solutions.  That said, having rods placed into his hips has long term potential issues, least of which is early hip arthritis.

We look forward to tomorrow as it will include removing his tube drain from his left hip.  Additionally, at some point he will be moved out of the ICU and into a room within the hospital’s Orthopedic Ward.  Having spent one entire day with Jamie, I can tell you all that he is truly humbled at the love and support he has received by each of you monitoring his progress.  Much of his daily routine includes monitoring Facebook, the Bay Area Riders Forum, and this Blog.  He reads each of your posts and loves them all.  Jamie has maintained his great sense of humor throughout all of his dealings.  So, keep the posts coming and spare no wit!!  He can take it...and would actually appreciate it.

Lastly, Jamie would like to recognize all the riders and riding enthusiasts for your support and well wishes. He truly feels honored to call you his friends.  Until tomorrow...


  1. Thank you, Ricky Bobby, we needed that!
    Lots of love, Amy and John P.

  2. Thanks for that Tom! I think every one of Jamie's friends will appreciate a good smile today.

    Go easy on the nurses boys - (I'm sure that is a waste of words!)

  3. Tommy,
    Thanks for the clip, it was hysterical.

    Remember when you told me it was my fault that you re-arranged the files because I broke my hip? I'm thinking I just might redo them! ha

    Lot's of love and prayers comming your way

  4. Hey Jamie, your brohter is pretty funny and a good writer...good to see your smiling face in these pix and good to hear you are on the mend. Know that your neighborhood friends are thinking of you, sending you good thoughts and praying for your continued recovery. Oh, and one of my favorite lines from Talladega Nights: "I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger" Best ~ Dave S.

  5. Jamie and Tommy
    I want to personally commend the two of you for bridging the stereotypes of the male ego and illustrating for the rest of us the true meaning of brotherly love.
    Perhaps a photo of that most intimate act to which Tommy alludes would be a welcome addition to this blog? I would be happy to bring my camera and zoom doubt I will need it!

    We love you; get better every day,
    Sara and Chris W.

  6. Jamie,

    Your Bro is funny... I'd love to hang out with the two of you and CAP on your @$$ all night long. Tom I haven't met you yet but I'm sure we will sooner or later. In fact I'll bring Scott & Hunter along to make it a bonified "Jamie Roast". I sure others will like to participate so we might have to open your garage door and set-up 30ft. of tables end to end. You bros play nice and we will sse you soon Jamie.

  7. Right on Tommy nice post! Glad the Keating Brothers are taking care of each other. I truly wish you guys the best and Jamie a speedy recovery. My brothers and I are in Michigan together right now and I have a new appreciation for them as I witness you two together at the hospital taking care of one another!

    All the best,

    Nate, Colin and Craig Sanford

  8. Hi Jamie,

    I just heard what happened. I'm glad you're doing okay and hope your recovery is quick. If you hurry up and recovery quickly I'll let you put as many "boogers" as you want on the stick shift in my car. So glad Tom is writing this's pretty freakin funny! Thinking of you and saying prayers. Much Love, felicity xxoo